Tree Removal

On occasion some trees become damaged to the point of being extremely hazardous to both property and person. In this instance it is recommended that the tree be removed in its entirety by a Qualified Arborist.

Northern Suburbs Trees & Stumps are experts in this field and will ensure no damage to surrounding areas will be caused.

   Tree Trimming & Pruning

Regular pruning of branches or parts of a tree by an arborist is advised to improve the growth or health of a tree. Pruning of dead limbs prevents moisture penetration weakening trees from the inside out.

Thinning out of crowded branches promotes new growth and allows better light and air flow through the tree.

It is always wise to remove dangerous limbs before they have a chance to cause damage. Limbs hanging over property or growth near powerlines are both structural and fire risks.

   Stump grinding

The job of tree removal is not finalized until the stump is removed in its entirety. We have several stump grinding machines which can be used depending on the site access and degree of difficulty.

From the smallest 30hp grinder which can fit through a side gate, to our largest 70hp track operated grinder – we have every stump covered.

These machines simply grind the stump leaving you with fantastic mulch to be used anywhere on your property.

Remember that if a stump is left to rot it is a magnet for termites.

   Land Clearing

We have worked with many Developers, Councils and Government Agencies to assist them with their Land Clearing needs. From large project tree removals to onsite chipping. We have experience with projects such as building site preparation, road widening, railway line maintenance, hazard reduction and sub-division clearing.

From the smallest of developments through to major commercial works - we have you covered.